Southern Marsh Men's Water Meter Tee (Closeout)

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The Southern Marsh Water Meter Tee is the latest addition to our Great American Cities collection. The iconic, iron water meter cover in New Orleans, Louisiana, was invented, and has been continuously made, by The Ford Meter Box Company in Wabash, Indiana since the early 1900s. Invented by the company's founder, Edwin Ford, the meter box allowed for water gauges to be installed outside of buildings that did not have basements. Up until then, water meters installed in the ground would freeze-over during the cold winter months and fracture; leaving an entire area without water pressure until it could be repaired. This technological breakthrough gave citizens in cities like New Orleans reliable access to public utilities.  

New Orleans is one of the few cities that had a custom dye made at the Ford foundry to personalize the meter covers throughout Orleans Parish. Designed by the founder himself - Edwin Ford - the star and crescent moon has become an iconic part of New Orleans' culture.