Stanley Classic Vacuum Pint 16oz

Size Chart
Hammertone Green
Hammertone Navy
Hammertone Crimson
Matte Black

Chilling knows no limits when it comes to location -- so why should your trusty pint glass be consigned to stay at home or at your favorite pub? Stanley doesn’t do “stuck on the couch,” we do “can’t leave home without it.” Pack your favorite ale, stout, lager or IPA -- heck, works great with soda or iced coffee if that’s your thing -- to go with this timeless and tough pint glass. Enjoy fresh, cold beer right til the last sip, up to 4.5 hours later! Built-in, removable bottle opener means you'll always be at the ready to fill your pint when you get to your favorite watering spot.


Weight: 0.80
Dimensions: 3.75L x 3.75W x 6.75H in

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